UTON - Ancestral Projections

New album available now! Released by Magma Tones.

Cosmic synth music experimentations with a touch of electric guitar. Recorded in 2022. 

Digital version available at https://ko-fi.com/uton_/shop 

The download comes with ready to print PDF files for Jewel case sleeves. Craft your own CD! Cassette sleeve version available on demand (free for anyone who downloaded the album). 




New YKSI albums now available! 
cassette, released by Tribe Tapes
psychedelic harsh noise with electronics, guitar and other sounds.
digital album, comes with the cassette copy of Hidden Program
cdr, released by Deep State Records
junk metal improv harsh noise, cdr edition of 10 copies.
digital version and full album streaming available at https://ko-fi.com/uton_
Physical copies available at Magma Tones shop




Review and a short interview of Yksi in Special Interests website


New album: N I B I R U

Available now at https://ko-fi.com/uton_/shop

Streaming available at Bandcamp and Youtube

"Minimal, repetetive, and meditative trip to the space; to the spot where the inner and outer realms meet, and the time as we think we know it has stopped. There's a hidden mystery for anyone to explore, and it's just the beginning..." 

Recorded in 2018 (around June-October), and it was originally thought to be part of the Miraculous Existence album and its double-album version. The idea was to have 'light' and 'dark' sides, but after all the album was released on basic lenght cassette, and this second part was just waiting to be released one time later. So now in 2024 is the later.

The original recording session files are lost. These album tracks are the latest mixes. Track 1 from 17th October 2018, and track 2 from 1st November 2018.  


New UTON website at https://ko-fi.com/uton_ [this post was updated 11th April. price of support reduced]

This platform is for the exclusive UTON & related material. At the moment there's three videos for the supporters. With 2€ one time payment or monthly, you have an access to the content, which is not available in any other place. 

The same website offers also a new SHOP area, where you can buy digital albums (probably physical items also at some point). I chose Ko-fi for this, because Bandcamp's fee policy went too expensive and unmoral. Hopefully Ko-fi keeps itself enough small and nothing running after the dirty money of the big businesses. 

You can see the preview clips of the exclusive Ko-fi content at VAWAVAWA youtube channel (old name given spontaneously, might be changing at some point, who knows)









New UTON album THE DARK INFILTRATION was released few days ago (only digitally). This is also available at the Ko-fi shop. Recorded already in the end of 2020, with Minibrute and MinilogueXD synths. It's a dark and trippy sound experiment to the Sabbatean cult and it's tentacles. The album got its inspiration and theme from Robert Sepehr's book "1666 - Redemption Through Sin" Check more information at https://uton.bandcamp.com/album/the-dark-infiltration. Here's a preview: 



New UTON album:


Released by Cheeses International (UK). Edition of 300 copies.

6-panel gatefold cardboard sleeve with full colour printing.


Recorded in Turku, Finland 2022-2023. Contains home studio recordings, field recordings (both environmental and improvisation), and library recordings. Synths, electric guitar, zither, vocals, percussions, samples, sound manipulation, noises etc. Mixed and mastered at home studio (=computer & headphones)

Preview here:



CD's available from: magmatones.blogspot.com/p/shop.html 

or directly from the label (UK): steve.onomatopoeia@hotmail.co.uk



New digital single of YKSI, available now. You can download the MP3 of this album from link which can be found from the info area of the video. There's more text to read also, about the subject of Israel and genocide. 




YKSI is a harsh noise project of Jani Hirvonen, which started in Vesilahti, 2006 as an one time recording project, and then reactivated in Turku, 2020. Website with more information: https://yksinoise.blogspot.com/

After couple of cassettes, first CD album was released in early January 2024 by the Finnish noise label Freak Animal Records. CD's are available from Magma Tones shop, directly from the label, or from the distributors. Digital copy (mp3) is available at Ko-fi shop. Here's the preview:



Available UTON releases + related projects, and some distro + second hand items are now available at MAGMA TONES MAILORDER

No more Bandcamp or Discogs. No more unfair fees. More info behind the link.


New track on Eiderdown Records compilation! (Digital only, 23 tracks total)

"This is a benefit compilation for our dear friend, Andrew Crawshaw. He runs Broken Press in Seattle and has been screenprinting all of our cassettes since the label began 10 years ago! He had to undergo an emergency heart surgery recently and will be recovering for months without being able to work. So please chip in if you can for this benefit, so many fantastic tracks from our extended Eiderdown family. Bonus beautiful cover art by Garek Druss." - Eiderdown Records