New album:

New album. Released by Magma Tones. Available in digital formats.

77 minutes of Experimental psychedelic new age noise. Recorded in October 2018 and early 2020. Based to the sampler works (=experiments), with field recordings, found sounds, synths, percussions etc. Mainly improvised.
CDR version will be out a bit after. Stay tuned! (the best way to be tuned is to subscribe to uton.bandcamp.com or/and magmatones.bandcamp.com - or/and by following both in Facebook) 

Check also:

PSI-SOLATION compilation, released by Celebrate-Psi-Phenomenon (a legendary label by Campbell Kneale of Birchville Cat Motel and Our Love Will Destroy The World). 119 artists and tracks total! Very huge! Lots of great stuff. And it's free! Or - if you want to support Campbell's art gallery in his town, you can pay what you want. UTON is here with one new track, called Venusian Rays.

CosmoPraesidium compilation, released by Eiderdown Records (which released Uton's cassette album Sax On, Sax Off - and the collaboration work of Uton & Ø+yn). This is a COVID19 benefit album: "All proceeds from this compilation will go to food banks in Washington state, California, and New York". 29 artists and tracks total, featuring a new track by UTON.



Uton "Miraculous Existence" cassette album will be released by Texan label Aural Canyon in early 2020, and it will be also available digitally. That album was recorded & mixed between June 2018 and June 2019. It was a long process - mostly because it's musically very minimal, so the frequencies and tones were playing very important role, and that made the mixing process a bit challenging. Two long droney meditative tracks of Transcendental New Age music.

Uton / Headboggle split cassette will be out in early 2020. It will be released by Ikuisuus. Brand new recordings from Uton (september-november 2019), and a mixed set from Headboggle

Couple of new albums have been also recorded and soon going to be mixed and mastered, but no labels yet found. More news about that stuff when something really happens. 

Collaboration projects with Michael Donnelly and Dmitri Zherbin are going on... and the album with Tim Cornelius (of Sandoz Lab Techinicians) is already recorded & mastered, and currently looking for a label. Something else is also happening, let's see...




La Magia De La Villa Luz

Released by Matching Head. Edition of 50 copies. Recorded by Naghorvik at Citadel Studio, Toronto in late 2018. Performed by Kevin Hainey. Arranged, mixed, produced by Jani Hirvonen in Turku, March-May 2019. Digital samples not available.

Copies available from the label: lee_stokoe@hotmail.com
or try Discogs!

Satumainen Avaruus CS

Released by Ikuisuus. Edition of 60 copies. Muuton Koto is a collaboration work of Finnish musicians Veli-Matti Ikävalko (Kutomo, Tulasi) and Jani Hirvonen (Uton). The recordings of this album started already in 2010, but it took almost 10 years before it was fully finished (but there was also many years when "nothing" really happened). It was recorded & mixed partially in Chantepie (France), Brisbane (Australia), Kotka, Helsinki and Turku (Finland). Artwork 'Balduin in wonderland', by Johannes Schebler.

6 € + shipping / ORDER HERE

Collision and Coalescense LP

Released by Mappa. Edition of 200 copies. Transparent orange vinyl, with a artwork by Mevlana Lipp. Gryke Pyje is a duo by Jani Hirvonen (Uton) and Johannes Schebler (Baldruin). This is their third album. Mastered by Pentti Dassum.

13 € + shipping / ORDER HERE

Invisible Reflections CD

Released by VIBORA. Edition of 300 copies. Comes in a glossy four-panel cardboard sleeve. 6 tracks, 50 minutes of transcendental & experimental psychedelic noise. Recorded in Miyagi, Japan + Turku, Finland between February & May 2018. Assembled at Arkisto, Finland, in Dec. 2018.

5.55 € + shipping / ORDER HERE
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more latest UTON & related releases:

Uton - Quantum Zone /// CDR-EP, edition of 15 copies (with 7" vinyl), Magma Tones, 2019
Uton - PA-LUU VAL-OON /// CS, edition of 50 copies, Null Zone, 2018
Uton - Sax On, Sax Off /// CS, Eiderdown Records, 2018
Uton - See You On The Other Side /// Digital, Lactofermented Subconsciousness, 2018 (compilation)
Uton - Gift Of Love /// CDR, edition of 40 copies, Magma Tones, 2018

Saatanan Pässi - Ajatusten Musta Aukko /// CS, edition of 25 copies, Magma Tones, 2018

The Brain Dwarf - Esoteric Construction /// CDR, edition of 15 copies, Magma Tones, 2018

kongkong - Opaque Expressions /// Digital, Lactofermented Subconsciousness, 2018
kongkong - Illusory Experiments /// Digital (mini-album), Lactofermented Subconsciousness, 2018
kongkong - Brain Damage In Tampere City /// Digital, Lactofermented Subconsciousness, 2018

You will find the albums with information behind these links:
https://uton.bandcamp.com/ and https://magmatones.bandcamp.com/ 
Some of these are already sold out, but some also still available (April 2019) 



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4 track tape recordings from 2002-2005, all previously unreleased.
More info & details here:


new album available now!

Released by Ikuisuus (Finland), in edition of 55 copies.
Transparent violet cassettes, and two-sided printing on sleeves.
50 minutes of psychedelic experimental electronic music.
5 euros + postage. orders utonspace at gmail dot com

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"Experimental electronic studies with psychedelic flavours. Connections to the cosmic currents and invisible beings from the other worlds and dimensions, our collective dimension included. Music to help listener to breathe through its energy centers (chakras), or even from the core of the existence. Sounds to travel in astral ways, and explore the unknown, eyes closed or open - works well with both ways."