The project Uton started in Tampere, Finland in 2001 after several years of confusion (the confusion still continues, but in a different form - as it does for each of us; in a way or another)

Uton is a spirit, which has no form, but which can take a form if it likes; usually in a sound -  which can be found from the Uton releases. The sound and energy is produced and manifested with the help of human; collaborating with our earthly vibrations. 

From the beginning the sound has been strongly experimental and improvised, but the methods of doing has been changed between the albums and years in illogical order.

The main inspiration for all this came from the Mystical yearning for the deeper meaning of existence - from other musicians and artists with a sense of experimentations and explorations in sound, image, words and mind - from psychological and esoteric researches of Jung, Blavatsky and Steiner - from spiritual myths and realms (buddhism, hinduism, animism, shamanism, alchemy, etc.) - from revolutionary art, such as Surrealism for example.