Vawavawa Radio @ Mixcloud / Interesting music around the world. Curated by Uton.

Uton @ Facebook / For even more information and news.
OM HA SVA HA KSHA MA LA VA RA YAM / Uton's old own record label. 
Magma Tones  / Uton's new record label
Uton @ Soundcloud / Song previews of Uton's new or/and forthcoming releases.
Echoes In The Wonderland / Gallery of Jani Hirvonen (Uton)
Photos (Flickr) / from near home and far away...
● Immortal Ideas / Tumblr blog for sharing good art.

Hunton Quintet videos / Zelig Concrete's youtube page, including 7 HQ videos!
Hunton Quintet @ Myspace / HQ's official and not at all active myspace page.
Aan @ FMA / Kulkija & Uton duo project, download free, total 6 albums!


other stuff:

We Have No Zen @ FMA / Web-label from Ukraine + free downloads. Experimental & improvised etc.
Sunhiilow / Uton's favourite sweet lullabies.

Channel zer0M @ Youtube / Live music videos mostly from Finland + Uton videos.
Profeetta Elämän Äänikoulu / Music for the Next Generation or just beyond of it.
Sparkling Wide Pressure / aka Frank Baugh; a member of Abyssal Farmers (duo by Uton & SWP)
Baldruin / Mysterious ambiance from Germany by Johannes Schebler.
Ø+yn / Psychedelic & experimental free-form improvisation from Argentina. 
Ashtray Navigations / Psychedelic dreams & noises from Leeds, UK
The Message / New Age drone works by David Metcalfe
Xenis Emputae Travelling Band / Magical "ambient-folk" from England, free downloads!
Omnimemento / Experimental record label, and home of Hitoshi Kojo & Jüppala Kääpiö

more Uton's collaborators:

I Am Just A Pupil / Vlubä / Sachiko / Rene Kita
Anla Courtis / Antony Milton / Zelig Concrete / Kulkija / Kutomo
Tomutonttu / Keijo / Peter Wright / High Wolf
Florian Tositti / Yoshihiro Kikuchi / Kapali Carsi / Campbell Kneale

record labels:

Ikuisuus / Music Atlach / DNT Records / Dekorder / PseudoArcana / Cabin Floor Esoterica / Housecraft / Celebrate Psi Phenomenon / Kaukana Väijyy Ambient / Frozen Light

more other stuff:

Music India Online / Streaming Indian audio, from classical to folk (and more)
Desi-Radio / Indian soundtrack music, some good oldies-stuff (80's and before)
Jean Dubuffet @ Ubuweb / Musical Experiments & Musique Brut!
LifeSpace / NZ Outsider noise artist Witcyst's HUGE catalogue of free sounds. 

The Ayahuasca Visions of Pablo Amaringo / Most amazing & beautiful paintings  
Louise Despont / beautiful artworks
Drunvalo Melchizedek / Official youtube-channel with interesting Q&A + more 
Nikos Charalambous / youtube channel of great meditation music

Survival International / The movement for tribal peoples.
Avaaz / Amnesty / Oxfam / WWF / The world in action!
Oikeutta Eläimille / Julma Totuus / Animal rights (Finnish pages)