Uton now also in Soundcloud. Including previews from forthcoming releases & unreleased tracks.


Two albums more uploaded now to Bandcamp: No One Here - originally a single track 3"cdr release by First Person (2006), now together with song from Jani H / Uton split (Outa, 2004) and 031202 - noisy electric guitar improvisations, from Uton / Clay Figure split cdr (Haamumaa, 2003)

NOTE: Bandcamp have 200-free-downloads limit for one month, and now; 21st April, there's no more free downloads available - BUT 27th April coming again another 200... Before that, minumum price 0.50 euros for each album.


Two albums; Mental Connections (Housecraft, 2008) & Galactic Zones and The Alien Signs (Digitalis, 2008) now in Bandcamp. Free download!


Forthcoming new album "From The Twilight, Next To Nowhere and Disappeared" (Musik Atlach) will be released some day later than what was expected. We don't know yet excactly when, but some day. More important is to get some balance to the catastrophic situation what is going on in Japan, and which didn't end yet.

New vinyl album, yet untitled, will be out around june-july. Latest news about this release is, that it will be split release between Ikuisuus and DNT. It's still possible that some third label will join too (if your label is interested of this, please contact as soon as possible: utonspace @ gmail.com). Material of this album was recorded in Rennes, France, july-october 2010.

Alan Courtis & Uton finished recordings of their collaboration album, and currently looking for a label which would like to release this on vinyl. If you can help with this, please contact: utonspace @ gmail.com

Some new limited edition and Uton related releases coming soon: WYZ cs (Bumtapes), Witch Christ / Haare - split cs (Ikuisuus)

OM HA SVA HA KSHA MA LA VA RA YAM label's free digital downloads are in good activity. Latest updates are long time sold out releases by Anti/Uton and Hunton Quintet (both duo with Zelig Concrete). Five albums by Aan will be very soon in label's website too.

Uton's Myspace and Facebook pages are now deleted. Some new updates coming to Bandcamp page near future.