WYZ cassette, released by Bumtapes (very limited edition)

"This epic Jam comes from some of the major key players in Europe’s Free-Folk/Improv units, touching on the collective hoedowns of Sunburned Hand of the Man, NNCK and Fuzzed out 70’s Psych Rock communes, this jam session from Finland a few years ago is a one time project called WYZ consisting of Jani (Uton), Jari (Kulkija, Vapaa), Jukka (Rambling Boys), Erno (Garden of Worm) and Veli (Tulasi, Kutomo).These guys channel out a deep, slow building flow of percussion, that grows in size, speed and instruments, steering all member into tranced out submission…"

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Because of some limits of Bandcamp, Uton's albums are now available also in Mediafire - see full list under "download" page. Page is still under update, so more links coming soon.