UTON - Ääretön Mieli / Infinite Mind 

New 3 track album. Digital download available now in Bandcamp (price only 1 euro). 
Limited edition CDR (only 40 copies) = 5 euros + post. Orders to: utonspace @ gmail. com
Synth based long meditative tracks, relaxing & tripping sound with a mix of melodies, and 
brainwashing effected drones (binaural beats included).
Released by OM HA SVA HA KSHA MA LA VA RA YAM (OM-045)

   UTON - Ääretön Mieli {album preview} by UTON



Album from 2008, originally released on cassette by Housecraft Records. "Electronic sounds from the cosmic sun, and a bit of electro-acoustic mutations". Including the original 20 minute version of the first track (which was "only" 15 minutes on tape).

Free download & online streaming.


ABYSSAL FARMERS - Sowing and Harvesting

Collaboration by Uton and Sparkling Wide Pressure
First album out now on Avant Archive. Edition is only 50 copies, and available on cassette. Digital download and free online streamining AVAILABLE  HERE  
Some copies of this tape will be available from this page too soon; if you're interested, please contact: utonspace @ gmail . com

● Uton's new vinyl album Echoes in the Wonderland is finally arriving soon. It will still take about one month to be released, but not much longer. There will be a limited edition CDR/CS for bonus, and both, album itself & bonus material will be available also in Uton's Bandcamp page.

● Uton-Courtis collaboration album is coming out later this spring or early summer from Japanese label Musik Atlach, including Sachiko Fukuoka's artwork. It will be released only on CD.

● After 3 years without gigs, Uton was playing in Paris 6th March, in Institut Finlandais, together with a great finnish "free-folk-blues" group Rambling Boys (including Keijo). A nice experience indeed!