CDR album --- edition of 40 copies
AVAILABLE NOW! --- Price: 4 euros + postage

Including tracks from Uton / Grey Park split tape + live recording from 
Paris (March 2012) + 18 minute of extra material.  Total 55 minutes of experimental
psychedelic drone. Orders to: utonspace@gmail.com
No sound samples available (yet), sorry.


New Uton album is already recorded, mixed and mastered. It's almost 80 minutes long and ideal for double-LP or/and CD. Recorded in March 2012, and edited over the summer ::: "songs of deep melting sound, with spices from the earth & outer + inner space-waves ::: our connection to self and its metaphysical elements; dreams, gods, love and fear; mysteries from beyond & here; alchemy of the soulfly, microscopic adventures in a real world; dark & lightful; out there and visible" ::: 

EDIT: double-album coming in early 2013!!! More details in near future. This is totally GREAT!!! (updated 6th october).