New album:

UTON - KÄHE / C40 / Department Tapes

Recording from the Spring 2013 - this new album comes out before Anno Mundi (double-LP, which was planned to come out already early 2013, but still waiting for it - no news from the label about that by the way, so not really sure when it's out or not).
Kähe is the name of this new cassette, released in an edition of 40 copies only, by Mexican label Department Tapes. It contains 30 short tracks, full of sounds, field recordings, synths, guitars, ethnic instruments, edited and effected samples, strange voices - all together (in a sense of United Tones Of Nature). Kähe is a Finnish word, which doesn't have a meaning yet - like all the track names here too. It's the beginning of new words, the creation of the meaning which comes from connection of these sounds, the name, and the mind of the listener (conscious and subconscious). The meaning has a rhythm and beat, it has a melody and noise, this vibrates to hidden areas of our bodies, microscopic creatures, bacteries and cells (+even more).

At the moment (25th September) tapes are on their way from Mexico to Uton headquarter (arrives in a next 1-2 weeks), so meanwhile you can get your copy directly from the label: departmentstoretapes@gmail.com


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Second part of the Psychic Archives series. This volume contains  totally 74 tracks (!) - recorded between 2002-2008 in Finland... from acoustic weirdness to electonic experimentations - many things happening. Handmade cardboard sleeves with infos and individual inner sleeves with mini-collage for each cd's + each cd has a different drawing. / 6 euros + postage

UTON  - Expérimentations De Voix Humaine - Cassette 
C15 cassette release, edition of 20 copies only. Handmade sleeves. these recordings are from self made human voice only, after looped and mixed to few layers and tracks in some sort of Musique Concrète tradition. / 3 euros + postage