RUTSUBO "Zakuro" is a collaboration project by the members of Jüppala Kääpiö, Uton and Sunhiilow - Recorded in summer 2012; later edited by Hitoshi Kojo. Special edition CD with handmade sleeves is available now from Omnimemento. See more info and sounds on label's official release page HERE.

Check out also their other releases; lots of excellent music from Jüppala Kääpiö and Hitoshi Kojo's various projects. Highly recommended!


New digital only EP !!! Name your price, get it even for free if you like !!! 

These tracks are from 2009 midwinter, recorded in Helsinki, Finland with four-track tape recorder and various instruments (even cat's purring included). More tracks from the same sessions coming later this year on double-cdr release.