UTON - Kähe+ CD
released by More Mars

30 short tracks, full of mind bending experiments. Electronic and acoustic and field recordings too. Special guest star RENE KITA on trumpet! Listen track previews HERE
Kähe was originally released on limited edition cassette by Mexican label Dept Tapes in October 2013. This CD version is called Kähe+, which means there's 2 bonus tracks, total 30 min! Both tracks are collages compiled from the previous album sessions.

First 100 copies of this CD comes with 32 page book, full of collage works by Uton.
Album is also available on simple CD edition.

M. M. PERES / UTON - split CDR
Out now from Salvador Records

New split album on excellent Salvador Records (Argentina). Total 40 minutes of psychedelic experimental sounds. Uton's tracks are all recorded in Spring 2014. All material previously unreleased. M. M. Peres is a project by Madru Gapha (Salvador Records). All of his works are great and available on label website (free downloads).


NOTE: Both of these new releases are not yet available directly from Uton - but soon will be. In case you want these NOW please contact directly to the labels. When these albums arrives to me, I will add these to shop area. Stat tuned!