UTON - PSYCHIC ARCHIVES, VOL.3 available now!


4 CDR set of 4-track recordings from 2002-2005 (only one track is from 2006/2008) - all previously unreleased material. this volume is about deep meditative drones, leading listener into dark and mysterious sacred spheres of our collective subconsciousness, and human soul. ideal for late night dreaming in a dark room - definetely not a background music. leave your ego behind, and step into the forgotten area of mystic vibrations - but take care; you might find yourself in a strange place surrounded by creatures from the other worlds... earth spirits, aliens... even angels and demons; everything is possible.

Comes in a beautiful book-a-like hard cover with black&white abstract drawing. CD's in a black envelopes. including insert with track titles and more information.


New double-CDR album from SINK CD's. First album is a split by Uton & I am Just a Pupil - Uton's tracks are previously unreleased material from 2002-2005 (last track Amico Alieno was actually released on Hyster Tapes compilation tape earlier). Second album is collaboration of the first disc members; MY BIZARRE BAYUK - recorded in 2013. Great to have this out! Enjoy the free streaming & get your own copy if you like. (soon available also in Uton shop)


Cosmic compilation cassette NEW GALACTIC WINDOWS available now from Ikuisuus.